Reserves for Windows   

Monte-Carlo Program for Estimating Oil or Gas Reserves


  • Calculate Risked Oil or Gas Reserves on your PC

    Powerful, Easy-to-Use Program for MS Windows Operating Systems

    Choose your Work Units: Imperial, Mixed or Metric

    Select your Input Parameters and Distribution Type

    Save and Restore Prospects with Custom Distributions

    Create Comprehensive Printed Reports with Graphics

    Transfer Data to and from ProspAn

    Organise your Company's Prospects in Access Databases

  • RESERVES for Windows was designed by explorationists for explorationists. The program is intuitive and easy to learn using the familiar Microsoft Windows interface. Tooltips and Startup hints help the user to access advanced features. Each screen has its own context-sensitive help.

    Cumulative Probability

    Flexible options allow entering geological parameters as triangular, rectangular, truncated normal or custom distributions, or as single values.

    The user may enter gross rock volume and net-to-gross ratio, or net thickness and area. Bg or reservoir depth can be used to calculate gas reserves. Alternatively, Bg can be calculated from Z-factor or gas composition, and Bo from oil composition.

    Risk can be broken down to its components in three ways.

    Up to 10,000 Monte-Carlo estimates can be made, giving maximum, minimum, average, median, standard deviation, tenth and ninetieth percentile reserves. Each fifth percentile is tabulated. The probability of having more than a specific input parameter value or Monte-Carlo reserves value can be seen simply by clicking on the cumulative probability graph.

    Graphs of frequency distribution and cumulative probability can be plotted for all input parameters and for the estimated unrisked, risked, recoverable, or in-place reserves.

    Special care has been taken to make it easy to produce presentation-quality graphs and tables. Report pages can be quickly printed in colour or monochrome at the full resolution of your Windows printer, or saved as text files.

    Graphs can be pasted into a Windows word-processor or graphics program for enhancement or annotation, or saved to disk as Windows Metafiles. This gives maximum flexibility for merging with other data or text and creating custom reports.

    RESERVES runs on a PC under Microsoft Windows 3.x, 95, and NT, and can be accessed from a network server. It will run under Unix with WABI.

    RESERVES is fast: 10,000 Monte-Carlo calculations of triangular distributions take only 5 seconds on a 330MHz Pentium II PC!

    Frequency Distribution

    Immediate, interactive Monte-Carlo calculations help you compare the potential of your oil or gas prospects. The presentation facilities enable you to transmit your findings to management and partners.

    RESERVES also has a database function that allows a company to keep track of its prospects easily and efficiently.

    The program can optionally be linked with ProspAn, a customisable Prospect Analysis package that helps the explorationists in a company standardise the presentation of petroleum prospects.